20th anniversary campaign

What is that internet?
Have you seen the dog?
Shut it off!
You can take Kuki on holiday

Retro is cool

The creative concept and video series in a 90s style for Netbox's twentieth anniversary was a challenge

not only in terms of 90s film design and decoration, but also because the videos were linked together in one family story.

The family series began after a lengthly preparation of the creative procces, tasking us with the themes of celebration and the 90s. The client also wished to include in each video a dog-actor he liked from previous video ideas. The typical Czech will identify with these videos and feel a certain nostalgia. A key topic is that the internet just started to be accessible for the average person twenty years ago.

Finding a retro apartment in 2018 isn't easy, but we managed. We cast the actors to form a complete family, including the dog. Filming took place for three days in a small apartment, where up to twenty people fit at once. The atmosphere was very friendly, and we must say the dog was a true professional. Shout-out to our canine friend. 

To support the atmosphere and feel of the 90s, we used older LOMO lenses with realistic image defects in combination with the Red Dragon Epic. Postproduction was done for all parts together, and visual effects were used to fill the monitor of the old computer. The final grading was made into the style of 90s commercials.


1 400 000+

Client review

We're very strict with ourselves, and we always push it to the limit in situations when it's about our fans and customers. Not everyone is able to meet our demands. Few are good enough to meet them, but almost nobody is able to exceed them! In the end, every ten years we find a team who can make it all! Try LITTLE CUBE and watch them at work, maybe you can learn something. :-) Marek Bukal, Chairman of the Board Netbox