Myth Busters Campaign

Drop the antenna into scrap
You do not have to peddle on the bike
A stormy struggle for survival

Don't believe all the tales and myths!

The netbox has decided to break commonly heard myths about Internet and TV services using the campaign Myth Busters. We created a creative concept and three videos for this campaign.

Drop the antenna into the garbage

Myth: In order to watch the telly, I must have an antenna or a satellite.

Everyone has experienced their family tuning the TV antenna. How will it happen to Eva and Dušan? With the Kuki TV from the netbox, the antennas on the roof are not needed. Only the Internet is enough to run it.

Did you know?

  • The main protagonists of Eva and Dušan never really met.
  • The scene when Eva hysterically wanders at Dušan from the balcony was filmed on another day, so Eva was looking at empty space. 
  • The fictional band that plays in the Folk TV video is actually LITTLE CUBE.
  • The phone numbers that pop up on Folk TV really do exist. Maybe you'll be surprised to find out who you are calling to.

You don't have to peddle on the bike to run the Internet with us

Myth: The download and upload speeds are fixed and can not be changed.

Poor Dad, Radek. In order to ride Internet for little Kubik, he has to work so hard! With the Internet from netbox, there is no need to peddle on the electric boom. With netbox you can set the speed according to yourself.

Did you know?

  • Daddy's costume was made of things that were gathered in metalworks and bazaars.
  • For the scene on the ground, we bought over 80 light bulbs. They were all dusted to make them look dull.
  • All wiring, flashing bulbs or measuring gauge shifts were functional and actually made for video.
  • YouTube became YouPipe, and interesting comments have been added under the video.

A stormy struggle for survival

Myth: When the storm is out, it's normal that the TV is not working well.

Who will draw the shortest match and fight in the storm for life? The weather doesn't matter to netbox, with TV Kuki still going great.

Did you know?

  • Marek was thrown in the rain with the help of local firefighters, the effect of the storm was formed around the deployed film lights
  • We shot the scene of Mark walking around the house in the studio. Marek was placed on a house that was created completely digitally in post-production.
  • All the lighting effects in the house were created using film lights - the fire of the fireplace, the flickering of the television and the outdoor lightning.
  • To illustrate the atmosphere of the thunderstorm, staff members sprayed the garden hoses around the windows.

Views summary of all videos on FB and YouTube

480 000+

Client review

We are often very strict on ourselves, and we always push it to the limit in situations when it is about our fans and customers. Not everyone is able to meet our demands. Few are good enough to do them, but almost nobody is able to exceed them! After all, every ten years we find the team who can make it all! Try LITTLE CUBE and watch them at work, maybe you can learn something. :-) Marek Bukal, Chairman of the Board netbox