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Elán - Open Air Východná
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The water that holds us over the water

We create videos for the tour of the legendary Slovak band Elán for the second year

We also create aftermovies, especially from music or sport events. We have many aftermovie clients, for example a regular client is the promotional company II&Me, which organizes concerts of Czech and foreign artists including, dance events such as Apokalypsa and Citadela. Among the best-known artists for whom we've created the aftermovies are Vanessa Mae, Parov Stelar, Paul van Dyk, and legendary Slovakian band Elán.

We have already recorded many concerts for Elán, including their current tour for their 50th anniversary. In addition to these concerts, we create promotional videos associated with the entire tour, such as trailers, editing of the interviews with celebrities, and more.

We're filming the aftermovies with a film crew consisting of two or three people on profesional Sony FS7 cameras with light lenses. We deliver a completely finished video for publishing very quickly, usually within one to two weeks.

We have created for Elán more than

30 videos