Great City Campaign

You'll always make it with us!
Be hard!
Take it easy from the bottom!

Students, hold on, netbox is here with you and LC as well

Netbox knows very well that Brno is a student city and therefore it is so popular. They have therefore decided to support all students in the course of the study with an exclusive offer of the Internet.

Take it easy! But from the bottom.

The Great City Campaign is based on the idea that Brno is one of the main and liveliest student cities. Within the creative, we worked with famous Brno locations combined with funny student events.

Be hard!

The main themes were the famous Brno starts, the unusual Brno astronomical clock and Jošt horse. We tried to maximize the authenticity of the videos, whether by using all of Brno's well-known night flower vendor (who act in the video himself) or filming scenes during the real tram cluster (in this video acts as main character our team member Honza).

A series of three videos was able to capture virally and had even over 7,000 responses, comments and sharing through organic propagation. The most fascinating video on Facebook was the launch video with more than 200.000 views, while YouTube was the most successful video with the Jošt horse statue and its profiled backdrop, which still interest local and tourists.

The summary of views and reactions of the video series on YouTube and FB:

± 735 000 views
± 7 500 reactions, comments and shares

Client review

We are often very strict on ourselves, and we always push it to the limit in situations when it is about our fans and customers. Not everyone is able to meet our demands. Few are good enough to do them, but almost nobody is able to overcome them! After all, every ten years we find the team, who can make it all! Try LITTLE CUBE and watch them at work, maybe you can learn something. :-) Marek Bukal, Chairman of the Board netbox