Even the bears know

Even the bears know

Beware of bears!

We have created a TV spot for STIHL for their autumn marketing campaign for motor saws. Our creative concept was also used for a subsequent offline campaign.

When we were making the original ideas for the video, we touched even the most profound issues, such as a metaphor of love that does not rust, to stories that emphasize tradition and reliability. The client was most fond of a theme based on simplicity and humor.

First of all, it was necessary to find the bear's most real costume. We started to search it all over the world. We were thinking of creating electrically-tailored costume in Germany, or borrowing animated bears from Hollywood, through repairing the destroyed costume in Ukraine. Finally, we stayed at home and selected theater costume from Brno theater combined with 3D animation of his head.

We shot in the beautiful forests of Vysočina and one shooting day was enough to shoot. In the scene where the main hero is climbing on a tree, we used greenscreen so the actor did not have to climb on the tree. We used high-lift platforms for shots in tree crowns. Our cameraman enjoyed this sightseeing ride.

During post-production, we coordinated the work so 3D animators had space to create a CGI bear head as soon as possible. You can watch the ad online and also it was broadcast on TV channels throughout the 2018 autumn campaign.

TV spot was nominated for creativity award

Zlatá pecka 2018

Client review

LITTLE CUBE has prepared a communication campaign for us in a new, unprecedented style that has enriched a variety of communication strategies we have used so far.
Working with LITTLE CUBE, we particularly appreciate the creativity and precision we have devoted to detailed solutions and a high professional level of work.
This campaign is in progress in the media. According to previous surveys, it is perceived positively, which, as we believe, will be positively reflected in our sales plans.
Jiří Rumplík, managing director of STIHL Česká republika