Aqualand Moravia

Aqualand Moravia

Aqualand Summer Video 2016
Aqualand Summer Video 2017
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Hotel Aqualand Inn

The world of water enjoyments needs a world of perfect shot

Aqualand Moravia is the modern water park in the Czech Republic. You will find it in the tourist area of South Moravia with a magnificent view of Pálava. LITTLE CUBE creates for Aqualand Moravia primarily official summer videos, but also various spots, all since 2015.

Summer videos

Each season, Aqualand Moravia presents a new summer video. As part of the creative procces, we decided to follow the videos of the events and use of Aqualand Moravia for their visitors. At the same time, we have worked the magic of the surroundings of Pálava with both aerial and classical footage that successfully engage in social networking. One of the aftermovies, for example, has earned almost a million views on Facebook and YouTube, and over 7,000 positive reactions and comments, to a large extent by organic propagation.

Internet spots and other videos

As part of the collaboration with the client, Aqualand's summer videos are not the only thing we do in this case. We have also created a presentation spot for Hotel Aqualand Inn, which highlights its main benefits and features that are important to the visitor.

To catch up on the new season we also created a short simple funny video with a daft skier, or aftermovies from the New Year's Eve events and the Aqualand's birthday events.

All three summer videos on YouTube and FB have